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Ready for The Body To Use. ChildLife® Essentials Pure DHA is derived from cod liver oil and therefore ready for your child’s body to absorb and utilize.

Brain Food. 60% of the brain grows from, develops from and is comprised of fats and oils. Of these, 50% is just one fatty acid: DHA. DHA is also particularly abundant in the nervous system, and therefore it may help support healthy nervous system function and development. An Alternative to Liquid Cod Liver Oil. Some children prefer the taste and texture of these naturally berry flavored softgel capsules which can be chewed or swallowed. Purified and Tested. When it comes to cod liver oil, it is critical that the product be purified and free of detectable levels of toxins. ChildLife® uses the finest purification methods available, such as molecular distillation, to safely remove toxins without compromising on quality. HOW TO USE: For Ongoing Maintenance and Support For Infants 6 months – 1 year: 1 – 3 softgels daily (open softgel) For Children 1 – 3 years: 3 – 6 softgels daily For Children 4+ years: 6 – 9 softgels daily For Babies to Teenagers ChildLife® Essentials Pure DHA (Softgels) may be given when your infant starts eating solid foods, continuing throughout the teenage years.

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