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Magnolia Progressive Montessori

Nurture your child and to help you with the important work of guiding his or her intellectual, emotional and physical development

Thank You For Visiting the Magnolia progressive Montessori. The 3rd addition to a family of two schools, one located in Chino Valley and the other in Walnut Valley. The leader in traditional Montessori education

Each of our schools are a faithful reflection of Dr. Montessori's remarkable vision and method. Her love and respect for children informs and inspires the teachings of our certified Montessori educators. In the best Montessori tradition, they observe and meet the needs of each child in our care, enabling him or her to develop the habits, attitudes, skills and ideas that lead to a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.

Magnolia progressive Montessori is dedicated to provide the ideal learning environment for children using the Montessori philosophy. Our child-centered, holistic and positive approach to education excites the minds and imagination of all our students. We encourage learning and teach children to think.

Our school is a fully equipped Montessori environment. The curriculum is designed to help children grow at their own pace, gain self-confidence and independence, as well as promote academic achievement.

In our school the children receive nurturing attention at all times. Our mission is to provide an environment where children will find mutual respect, order, co-operation, freedom of choice within limits and the opportunity to expand themselves to their fullest potential. The Magnolia progressive Montessori offers various programs for children starting at age two and includes kindergarten and elementary age children. In addition to the Montessori program, we are proud to offer an infant care program.

We believe that we have wonderful schools...we cordially invite you to visit us.

Our Goal

The goal of our schools is to provide excellent academic programs and childcare within a safe, loving environment. We offer a variety of affordable programs including half day, full day and full extended day to meet the needs of working parents. Our programs include a free lunch with milk and two snacks each day for our students.

Our Staff

We take great care in selecting the most experienced Montessori teachers. We are proud to have AMI, AMS and IAPM qualified lead teachers in the classrooms at each of our schools. Our loving staff provide a nurturing environment that encourages each child’s individuality and academic and social growth. Our teachers team with parents to provide the best possible school experience for all our children.

Enrollment Procedure

Admission Interview

The preschool admits children between 6 weeks - 9 years of age. All programs and activities are made available to all students at the school. We offer a potty training program for a small additional fee.

Before we enroll a student, we would prefer to meet with both parents and the child. We do not discriminate against children with emotional or physical handicaps.

Each child will be considered on an individual basis based on the child's ability to benefit from our program and how the child will adapt and integrate into the culture of the school. Each child is admitted on a probationary period for three months. In rare cases, we may ask a parent to withdraw their child from school because of severe behavioral problems.

We also pay close attention to parents and will give preference to those parents who take an active interest in their child's education at the school, can devote sufficient time to their child's needs and is willing to listen to suggestions and implement a program of action for the development of their child.

Above all, we are looking for parents who can provide a loving and nurturing home environment, take responsibility for bringing their child to school at a consistent time, pay attention to their food and clothing requirements and are responsive to the needs of their child at school.

Beginner Preschool Program (24 - 36 MONTHS)

The beginner preschool program at our Montessori school provides continuation in the care of children from infancy through toddlerhood. This program combines the social interaction of the infant room along with the development of sensory skills that coincide with the Montessori Materials used at this stage.

Our loving staff provide our toddlers with a nurturing environment essential to their proper growth and development. Each day the toddlers are provided with countless opportunities to stimulate their development. We strive to provide activities in the areas of physical, social, emotional, cognitive and creative growth. The children spend time each day engaged in quality activities that are specially designed, through the Montessori Method, by our qualified staff.

The children participate in art activities each day. The focus of these art activities is on the process of art. The children spend time outdoors each day and are encouraged to participate in many fun large motor activities. The toddlers are provided with many walking and riding toys as well as a play structure that provides a safe environment for climbing, balance and coordination.

Our indoor activities include materials that provide opportunity for the development of the child’s small motor skills. Children use spoons, scoops, tongs, and their hands for grasping and transferring small objects. They participate in these activities with great enthusiasm because it is very interesting and fun for them. What they don’t know is that while they are having fun, they are also developing a suppleness in the wrist and a strength in the small muscles of their hand that will help them when they begin writing at a later age. Our trained staff carefully monitors each detail of the curriculum. Each day you will receive a detailed report of your child’s activities for the day.

Preschool Program (AGE 36 - 48 MONTHS)

Our preschool program is designed for children ages 2 years to 5 years OR or until Kindergarten. We believe that early childhood is the most important time of exploration and discovery. The mental development of a child is at its most critical stage from birth through age six. At this stage a child’s mind is similar to a sponge absorbing knowledge from his/her environment and experience.

Our desire is to help every child in our program realize his or her fullest potential by providing a specialized Montessori environment which allows children the freedom to move around their environment and satisfy their inner need for imitation, repetition and movement through the prepared areas in each classroom.

This program promotes social, physical, emotional and cognitive growth through the use of Montessori materials in a prepared environment. Our dedicated, highly trained teachers guide children as they participate in a variety of Montessori activities in which they discover, explore, classify, organize and develop skills essential to future academic and social success. Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace, in their own learning that will benefit them throughout their lives.

In the Montessori classroom there are 5 areas. Each are has a specific purpose and goal.

  1. Language: The goal of this area is to teach a child to read by laying a solid foundation in understanding phonics through enjoyable activities. Children easily learn the phonetic sounds, how to write their letters, names and much more.
  2. Sensorial: The purpose of the Sensorial area is to stimulate the five senses. Sensorial activities help refine a child’s muscle control and coordination, which indirectly prepares him/her for Math and Language.
  3. Math: The purpose of Math in the Montessori classroom is to simultaneously take children through many aspects of Math. The 5 essential aspects are linear counting, operations with linear numbers, operations with the decimal system, fractions and writing numbers.
  4. Practical Life: The use of materials in this area satisfies the children’s need for limitation through simple to complex activities that they have seen in their home environment. The skills acquired help develop a child’s coordination of movement, independence, self-awareness, social skills of grace and courtesy, as well as, concentration and attention.
  5. Cultural: The goal of this area is to enable children to understand the world in its formation, the present geographical context and the lives of other cultures. This area offers geography, history, botany, zoology and human values materials. Children will enjoy discovering their world using language, sensorial and mathematical skills.

Primary Preschool Program (48 - 60 MONTHS)

This is an prepared environment prepared for preschool/pre kindergarten children between ages 3 to 6, entirely Montessori based. In this program, your child will have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom to move around his environment, and satisfy his inner needs for imitation, repetition, and movement through the following areas.

  1. Practical Life: These activities satisfy the child's need for imitation through simple to complex activities that he has seen in his home environment. These activities that can be as simple as grasping beans from one container to another, or as detailed and complex as dishwashing, will allow the child to satisfy his need for imitation. They will also increase the development of his coordination of movement, independence, self-awareness, social skills of grace and courtesy, as well as concentration and attention
  2. Mathermatical Material: Through this area, the child will learn to love and appreciate the skills necessary for counting, adding, multiplying, dividing in all areas of mathematics, including static, dynamic or decimal operations. Once again, all the material in this area is set up in a concrete to abstract concept.
  3. Sensorial Material: These materials will help develop and refine your child's senses. Sensorial materials are concrete abstraction of the environment, such as color, shape, and size. Through these materials, and with the help of the teacher, the child experiences each of these qualities of the environment, one of his senses at a time. This area will help the child develop his senses, prepare his mathematical mind, and develop his sense of appreciation of art and language.
  4. Language Material: From the moment the child walks in the classroom, his/her vocabulary is constantly through all the areas of the environment. This area will concentrate on phonetically developing the child's ability to read and write at a very early age. He will also have the opportunity to learn parts of speech, oral expression, and creative writing, with the use of fun materials such as the farm game.
  5. Cultural Material: This area offers geography, history, botany, zoology, and human values materials. Your child will enjoy discovering his world and the world around him using his language, sensorial, and mathematical skills.

Elementary School Program (KINDERGARTEN AND 1, 2 & 3RD GRADE)

Our elementary program serves children in Kindergarten through Third grade. Our goal is to provide the highest quality education, that helps children development into a responsible, respectful life-long learners who are prepared to successfully meet the challenges of our global society.

Children are provided with the best textbooks and up to date materials. As in our pre kindergarten program, concrete materials are used to promote understanding of abstract concepts.

We offer a strong academic curriculum with qualified, highly trained teachers. The number of children per class is limited to ensure that each child receives individual attention. Student achievement is well above academic grade (typically one year ahead of public school).

Our Kindergarten and Elementary curriculum covers all academic areas including: Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Geography (physical and cultural), Current Events, Computer, Art & Music.

We also offer extended day care (before and after school).

PROGRAM TIMES : We offer 2 programs 6:00 A.M. - 6:30 PM & 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM to children enrolled in our private Kindergarten and Elementary program.

Summer School / Day Camp

The circle of life - Exploring the Earth’s Ecosystems

Montessori School of Chino Hills offers an educational and fun Summer School/Day Camp Program for Kindergarten & Elementary children. Our Summer Program is designed to keep students progressing academically throughout the summer and have an opportunity to participate in a variety of social and recreational experiences.

Education: Our morning academic program with an emphasis in Math, Language Arts, Science and Cultural Studies including special themes and activities will help your children progress throughout the summer. Children will become more proficient in their skills, gain confidence in their abilities and have a head start for the coming school year.

Recreation & Social Learning: Our Summer Program is designed to encourage teamwork, cooperation and participation in new social experiences. Weekly topics and special theme activities will encourage creativity, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Activities will include sports skills, games, drama, music, dance, arts & crafts, “water fun” days and optional field trips. Locations, dates and costs of field trips will be announced in advance.

Nutrition: Free school lunch and snacks will continue during the summer.

Dates & Hours: Summer Program will be in session from June 22nd through Sept. 4th.

School/Camp schedule is 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Child care is provided between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Fees: Registration: $25.00 includes Camp T-Shirt

Registration Procedures: To enroll your child in our Summer School/Day Camp Program simply complete the registration slip below and submit it with the $25.00 registration fee. Enrollment in this program is limited and openings will be filled on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

We are looking forward to providing a creative and exciting summer for our students.

Contact Us

Our Location: 3201 Brea Canyon Road, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Phone Number: (909) 444-4649

E-Mail Address: [email protected]

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