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Bright Star Montessori Academy - Ontario

The heart of our school’s program is the nurturing education and loving care each child will experience and receive

At Bright Star Montessori Preschools, our teachers exercise many roles- educator, performer, parent advocate and beacon. We inspire our staff to evolve and grow as teachers of the “brightest” future of tomorrow helping them develop in harmony with the environment around them. Being a Bright Star Montessori educator is the noblest profession with the highest intrinsic rewards. Our teachers are the pride of Bright Star Montessori and it is my privilege to work with and support my staff while exercising the principles and philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori..

As our students move from one class to the next and through adolescence, it is a pleasure to see each classroom as a tiny utopia where interdependence exists and the values of respect and peace have the potential to glow bright. The Montessori approach cultivates children’s fascination with the universe and helps them develop a healthy life long interest in observing nature and discovering more about the world in which they live. This also leads to personal motivation and journey into the bright future. Here at Bright Star Montessori Preschools, your child benefits from our classroom didactic materials that are stimulating, challenging, functional, sequentially displayed and ready for your child’s use and exploration. It is truly rewarding to see each child working simultaneously in the classroom, each expressing his or her own interests and abilities. Along with those unique interests, teachers plan individualized lesson plans to ensure your child will always shine and get the support they need.

In a spirit of discovery, Bright Star Montessori Preschools navigate the stars with the individual needs of each child with compassion and dignity. In the brightness that our Montessori children will illuminate they will grow with great confidence and positive attitudes. Our school promotes respect, independence, and enthusiasm for learning. Our environment is designed to integrate concrete and abstract learning bringing harmony to develop culturally literate children, while stimulating their curiosity, sparking creativity and enriching their intelligence so that they will "BE THE BRIGHTEST THEY CAN BE!". Now let’s all shine together!

About Bright Star Montessori Preschools

Bright Star Montessori has grown to two campuses: Bright Star Montessori Academy in Walnut and Bright Star Montessori Preschool in Ontario.

Bright Star Montessori Preschools are authentic Montessori schools with fully qualified and dedicated teachers. Our school is passionate about freeing each child’s potential and nurturing the curiosity, creativity and imagination born within us all. We strive to create a unique environment where children are inspired to explore our world and embark on a life long journey of learning and discovery. Come join our Bright Star family and free your child’s potential to “BE THE BRIGHTEST THEY CAN BE!”

We are licensed in California and all of our teachers pass a rigorous screening and fingerprinting process. All of our head teachers have a Montessori Certification and many years of experience teaching the Montessori Method. Come by for a tour and experience the difference that Bright Star Montessori Preschool makes!

  • Open 6:30AM -6:30PM
  • Open all year round and all summer long with interactive hands on activities (besides National Holidays)
  • Half and Full day child care
  • Children ages 2-6 years (we will potty train)
  • Nutritious breakfast and two daily snacks
  • Free weekly enrichment programs (Science, Computer, Cooking, music, and Foreign language class including Spanish and Sign language)
  • Brand new high quality Montessori materials in the classrooms
  • Beautiful extra large playground for different age group with an abundance of engaging activities
  • Newly remodeled facility
  • Easy access to freeway

We prepare the most natural life-supporting environment for each child to grow at his/her own pace with individualized lesson plans.

Montessori Curriculums

The five areas of Montessori at Bright Star Montessori Academy aiming to develop order, concentration, coordination and independence:

Practical Life: The exercises for practical life are designed to teach the child to function in their own environment by teaching them how to interact with the things around them. The practical life area prepares the child indirectly for all other areas of the curriculum with order, concentration, coordination and independence. Practical life exercises include pouring, sorting, food preparation, care of self (hand washing, teeth brushing, grooming), care of the environment (table washing, floor scrubbing, dusting, polishing)

Sensorial Area: Sensorial exercise deal with developing the five senses. By developing the five senses, the child develops intelligence and independence. Dr. Montessori wrote, “The aim (of sensorial exercises) is an inner one, namely, that the child train himself to observe; that he be led to make comparisons between objects, to form judgments, to reason and to decide; and it is in the indefinite repetition of this exercise of attention and of intelligence that a real development ensues.” The sensorial area also includes geometry as the subject is introduced to the child through their senses.

Language Area: At the 3-6 age level, language exercises train the child to focus on sounds and noises and to discriminate between them. Writing is included in the language area of the classroom. The elementary child focuses on classifying and organizing language. The 6-9 year old child will extensively study grammar and word etymology.

Mathematics: We begin with manipulatives, then slowly lead into abstract concepts. Mathematics is the science of numbers. Montessori mathematics focuses on numeration, the decimal system, and geometry. Our base ten system encourages the child to sequence and order his work. Beginning with numbers 1-10, 11-99, and 1-1000, the children learn linear counting and recognition of numerals, which then leads into addition, subtraction, multiplication and division concepts. This is done through fun activities which involve lots of movement, manipulatives and group work. As the child matures, individual work is encouraged and abstract learning begins to take place.

Cultural Area: Cultural subjects include history, geography, art, physical science, cosmology, music and physical movement. The aim of studying culture is to allow the child to experience their place in the universe. They begin by exploring similarities between their culture and others, and then have appreciation and respect for differences. They learn how all beings are fundamentally related and discover ways to feel they are significant beings in this world.


Contact Bright Star Montessori Preschool (Ontario)

Phone: (909) 608-0288

Address: 965 E 6th Street, Ontario, CA 91764

Email: [email protected]

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Source: http://www.brightstarmontessori.net/

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Images & contents may be subject to copyright    •   Report this image    •   Credit: Bright Star Montessori Academy - Ontario

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